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Dear Dave,
My new rangefinder arrived yesterday, and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the whole transaction, from beginning to end.  Your company was extremely easy to deal with, your pricing was very attractive, and your delivery very fast.  Thank you for making it such a positive experience.
    David A.


I ordered a complete set of clubs from you at the Indiana Golf Show this spring.  This was the first set of clubs I have ever had that were new to me and naturally my first set of custom clubs.  I must say, they are great.  I am playing better than I ever have.  I still need some swing work, but that will come.  Thanks for making such a great quality set!
Matthew Pierce, RN, MSN
Manager Adult Inpatient Unit



I received my SVG 3034 irons a few weeks ago, and I must say that they are the best irons I've ever played! I was at the Pittsburgh Golf Show just browsing around and hitting all of the new fancy clubs that I could not afford, and thankfully stumbled upon your exhibit. These irons play as well as any high priced game improvement club. The expertise in your fitting, and sound product you put together for me have seriously improved my game. I'm blasting my irons now in the sweet spot much more often. I have a funny story to end this email...

I was at the range practicing with a buddy of mine, and he was complaining that compared to my new clubs he had a set fit for a teenager. Well the golf pro looked at his, then looked at my new SVG 3034 irons and said...."you're right!"

I'll be calling you in a few weeks to get a new Driver and 3 wood!

Scott E.
Pittsburgh, PA


Thanks so much for your help! I bought the Golf course GPS as a Christmas gift and I couldn’t be happier with it!

I just wanted to let you know that it arrived on time and I was very pleased with the process and your service.

I will definitely call on you again in the future and recommend you to friends and family.

Have a Happy Holiday !

Paula Hallock

Thank you Dave, I got it the Sky Caddie Friday, and started mapping my course this weekend. I appreciate all the effort you made to get that out to me! Wow, what a concept, doing business like you enjoy what you are doing, like customer service actually means something, now that, you don't find any more. If anyone is ever skeptical of doing business with you online or over the phone, tell them to call me!

Scott Reeling
Director of Operations
Columbia, MD 21045
Phone: (xxx) xxx-xxxx

I purchased an iron set from you a while back. You were very helpful with your suggestions and went out of your way to help me decide what clubs to order. At 63, I have never been a good golfer and after more than 35 years of not playing much at all, I decided to take the game seriously. The first step was ordering clubs from you.

The next step was practicing. Of course the more I have improved my swing the better my irons have become! So now I couldn't be more happy with the set. I am now hitting some of the most beautiful straight irons I've ever hit in my life. Players are starting to ask what kind I use and where I got them. Of course there are always high handicap golfers who think buying the most expensive clubs will make them play better. Obviously this is not the case. Thank you for your suggesting the proper irons for me and for supplying a quality set at a most reasonable price. I will certainly recommend you and your services to anyone!
All the best!

Conrad Little

Thank you for your prompt attention and helpfulness. I am very impressed with your site and customer service. I will certainly be using your service again.

Subject: Re: Great Divider Bag order !!

You've Made my day!!! That's great!! Looking forward to receiving the bag. Thanks.

T. DiFilippo
P.S. I'll refer your web site to my golf friends. Great Service. Thanks again.

Hi Dave,
Thank you for your excellent internet store!
My order (Condord 3+, Wood LH 9 & 11) arrived on 4/19 in pristine condition (packing of the clubs was immaculate!). I tried them out the past couple of days at the driving range, & simply love them!

With my order from you, I now have the Super Corncord driver, 3+, 5, 7, 9, & 11 woods (amongst my regular irons which I have a mental block against)

Ken Miyabara

Hey, Dave!
You're great!!! Thanks for the tracking number. I did a copy & paste of the number: From your email, to the FedEx tracking cite, deleted the blanks, and "wall-la", they gave me an estimated delivery date for tomorrow, Dec 22.

I'm very pleased! I appreciate all you have done for me!!! And happy holidays to you and all your family.

Dave Pf.....

I can't thank you enough for the excellent customer service on getting the Hunter Falcon bag in time for Christmas. While another vendor promised the item was in stock when it was not you went the extra mile to not only let me know the status from the distributor but were kind enough to email me when you thought I could get the item in time for Christmas. Such customer service, responses to my numerous emails was outstanding and whenever I have a golf item to buy this will be the first store I visit. Thanks again

Bob S.
Buffalo NY

Hi Dave..
Just a quick note of thanks for the fast turnaround on my order of a Great Divider Tour Plus bag. I ordered it on line Monday, and received it on Friday. Wonderful bag!! Thanks again,
Joe L.
Westminster, MD

Hi Dave,
I received my irons today. They are beautiful! Cant wait to try them out at the range. Thanks again for all your help your customer service is superb. I may be ordering a bag and a putter soon and it wont be from anyone else than you. Thanks again

Frank B.

Just wanted to compliment you on the good service. Ordered my golf bag on Tuesday and received it on Friday. Appreciated the 10% Father's day discount as well. In the future I will check with your site for my golfing needs.


Bill Wilson
Plant City, FL 06/04

The service from Golden Eagle Golf is second to none. Whether I'm getting an existing set of clubs adjusted or having Dave build a new set of clubs, the care Dave takes to make sure things are done to my satisfaction more than covers any difference in price compared to to the discounters. And there's never a doubt where things stand because the communication is excellent. They are one of the internet's and Indianapolis' best kept secrets.

Don. P


Hi Dave,

In reference to my order, and as per your message on my voice mail, I wanted to confirm that the resort in Myrtle Beach did confirm having received my order. I wanted to let you know that I was very pleased and satisfied with the service I received from you in regards to my order, and my request to have it sent to a resort. I was also impressed with your follow up in tracing my order when it was not received as per the anticipated ETA as the timing was crucial for this bag because it is destined for Canada. Your follow up was
greatly appreciated.

Great Divider is the one bag that my husband was really set on and I was very impressed on how easy it was to order from you and coordinate the shipping to a hotel.

I wish to thank you for making me, and of course my husband, a happy customer and I will not hesitate to refer your company in
the future.

Thanks again
Ginette Martin

Golden Eagle Golf, I would like to thank you for your recommendation on the tour 9.5 style of Great Divider golf bag I got. This bag is awesome!! My clubs never get stuck together & the bag is just the right size for me.

Thanks again

Rick P. "Indpls In"

Hello !

This weekend I have for the first time played with my new clubs, and I am real satisfied. real satisfied. got 38 p. so I lower my hcp. from 14.2 to 13.6. I did also compare the length with my old clubs, and I added an extra 10/15 yard with iron 5/9 and mostly 20 yards with 3/4. "great" Next time when some of my friend are going to buy Your clubs X-6.

Urban Karmefjord

"This is a overseas customer e-mail copied as written"

Hi, Dave,

I received the Great Divider Trolley bag this afternoon. As always, your service was superb. I can't tell you how long I've looked for a bag that was actually designed to be used on a pull cart. The other "cart bags" are for powered carts and the pockets are in the wrong places. Carry bags aren't much better. This time, the designer got it right. I was just browsing my favorite websites when I returned to yours and found exactly what I've wanted. I've told numerous friends about your work and your service. I don't know if any have purchased but I know I can come back when I need something and find it. That's nice to be able to say.

Thanks a bunch!!!


Dear Mr. Phillips

Would like to thank you so much for your kind efforts and personal assistance which you showed during my order . It was lovely to work with you and will inform all my golfer friends here in Istanbul Turkey about you . Golden Eagle will be our first address in States for our further requirements.

R. Alp Gonen Istanbul, Turkey

Dear Dave,
Just a note to let you know how my new clubs you built for me are working out. "V combo irons"
The short irons are very accurate for me. The feel of these clubs is great. I know every one always says how much farther they are hitting when they get new clubs ( and I am too :-) but I'm able to work the mid and long irons very nicely. I'm glad I took your advice and had you spine align and frequency match my rifle shafts.
I'm hitting my 4 iron (accurately) 210-20 yds ( and yes I live in Denver) but I'm also 49 yrs old.

The King Power 3 wood you built for me is working great also!!!!

I haven't decided yet if I'm going to add a 2 iron or another wood but will contact you when I make up my mind.

Thx for your very fine work on these clubs and I will be in touch soon.

Jim H.
Denver, Colo.

My set of Turbo Power X-6 irons arrived yesterday and I played with them today. They're as solid as they are attractive and set up beautifully. I even missed a hole in one by about 6 inches according to the fellows ahead of my group who waved us up to the green to let us play through. Love the irons just as much as everything else I've purchased from you lately. You'll be my first choice whenever I need something else.
Catherine D "Fresno California"

Thanks Dave. You're communication is one thing...but I appreciated the follow-up when I made a purchase last summer. That's what's rare these days. If there is any website where you need a customer review let me know...I'd be happy to put a good word in. Gotta keep you in business.

Patrick B.


Thank you for your quick service in building my new set of irons. I just love them. I'm hitting the ball straighter and farther than I ever have before. What I've always heard is so true, you can't beat custom built clubs. I've never been the kind of person to get hung up on having the name brand of things. As long as they work, that's fine with me. With such an affordable price, why wouldn't more golfers choose to improve their game with custom built clubs? I'm spreading the word about "Golden Eagle Golf" with all of my friends. I'll even tell my golf team members here at Seeger High School about your good work.

Thanks again, Scott Mathis

Dear: Golden Eagle Golf:

Let me tell you about my experience actually hitting and playing with my King Cobra clone clubs. I compared my former irons directly with my new irons.

Uniformly, the new clubs purchased from you hit about 10 yards longer, with a significantly higher flight than my former clubs. When I swung correctly, the ball also seemed to go straighter. This was confirmed when I played 18 holes today. I had to move down one club from my usual - and I even had to ease up on the wedge: otherwise I overshot the green! And the 3-iron went further than I have ever
hit. The graphite shafts were definitely less harsh than my former steel shafts. But what excited me most was the King Cobra clone driver. On the driving range I compared it directly with a "real" King Cobra SS Oversize driver.

There was very little difference between them, if anything, the clone was better, perhaps because of the ProForce shaft. On the course today, the driver hit straight and long (when I hit it right!). It made my second shots much easier to make. My total for the day was 7 strokes lower than my lowest to date. Now that is exciting!

As I have only been playing seriously for the last year, the upgrade in clubs has gotten me all excited. Maybe I will be able to play decently in the next couple of years.

By the way, I let my golf buddy use my driver, and he loved it. He said, "I want one!" I gave him your Web site, so maybe he will contact you.

Thanks for the excellent tools to work with. This really is fun.


Fred L. Vallejo, California

Just wanted to let you know I got my 11-wood yesterday. I hit it on the range this morning, and was striping 180-195 yard shots with it. I am so pleased with the clubs you have made me. Any of my friends looking for new clubs, I will definitely tell them about you. Thanks again!

Bradley C.
Contracting Officer: San Diego, California

Just to let you know I tried out clubs at our driving range and fell in love with that super concord 11 wood - getting used to the driver will take a bit of time as it is much lighter than I am used to - will play a round tomorrow to give it a good tryout - thanks for your good service.

Carl W. T

Spring Hill, Florida

To Golden Eagle Golf
It arrived (steel plus III 3 wood) Friday and I used it Saturday.....never did hit it clean and it still improved my game....best $39 I ever spent....will contact you soon for the 5 and 7 wood.

Eddie B.

Waleska, Georgia



Golden Eagle Golf

Wanted you to know I received my sand wedge Wednesday night. I played with it Friday afternoon with a customer and I enjoyed it very much. Such a much better club than the old wedge I was using. I really like my entire set. It has made a difference in my distance. I feel it is helping me make a difference in my control since the lie as well as loft has been changed to custom fit me. Thanks Again, because I have been one to proclaim that the clubs don't make the difference. I guess I was wrong, because they seem to be make a large difference to my game.
Woodrow W.
Bowling Green KY

To: Golden eagle golf

The TM32 irons are working great! Hitting them at least a club longer and quite straight. Trajectory is quite a bit higher than my old TaylorMade blades with Dynamic Gold S300 shafts. I am noticing a big difference in "feel" from blades to cavity back which in part is probably due to the cushy feel of the Winn grips compared to the Tour Wraps on the old irons.

Chuck Bulinski


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