What is Spine Alignment?

And How Much Does It Cost?

An independent study on spine aligning was undertaken by Golf Science Consultants, Inc. The study was performed by J. Howard Butler, President of Golf Science Consultants, Inc., and former vice-president of shaft technology at True Temper.

Preliminary test results clearly indicate that when the golf shaft is properly aligned the club becomes more stable, thus improving the impact repeatability (hitting the sweet spot more often).

In all golfers tested impact repeatability improved from 14 to 51% when changing from non-aligned to spine aligned clubs. In a separate article, Golf Digest reported on tests conducted by Dr. P. C. Chou of the Drexel University Ballistics Research Center, which revealed that a player loses about six yards for ever two-tenths 2/10 of an inch that they miss the sweet spot.

Nearly 240 Tour pros have spine aligned their clubs. "I believe there's something to spine-matching," says Ben Crenshaw. Want real life results? Check out Scott Verplank's record on the Tour through 1998, then look at his record in 1999 and 2000. He has his shafts aligned in 1999. "The bottom line ...is that if the spines are not set in the club heads at the proper angle in relation to the clubface, we are not getting the most out of our clubs and we will continue to have clubs that will perform differently than others. Did spining my clubs make a difference? It sure did. I'm hitting my 8-iron, 9-iron and wedge farther. I also noticed that I hit my woods straighter, and I don't hate my 6-iron anymore." Tom Stine, PGA Tour Partners Magazine, Sept/Oct

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