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As a authorized dealer of this item we are not permitted to show or advertise a price lower than is set by the manufacturer. This is called MAP pricing or "Minimum Advertised Pricing"

However manufactures are not permitted to tell us how much we must sell this item for.

That is where this page comes in. Once you call and talk to me at the golf shop I can then sell you the item at a price I decide. We are a small family owned and operated golf store.

Toll free 866-351-1263 or 317-351-1263

Actual amount I save my customers varies on the item, below are a few of the actual savings and as always shipping is free and we only collect sales tax on orders shipping to Indiana.

Golf Buddy Models
PT4 -----
Actual Savings $80
Voice2- Actual Savings $20
CT2 ---- Actual Savings $20
LD2 ---- Actual Savings $40
LR7 ---- Actual Savings $40
LR7S --- Actual Savings $50

Leupold Models
Pincaddie 2-- Actual Savings $30
GX1i3 --------- Actual Savings $50
GX2i3 --------- Actual Savings $50
GX3i2 --------- Actual Savings $70
GX4i2 --------- Actual Savings $90
GX5i3 --------- Actual Savings $90

I have been selling golf items via the internet for over 19 years and I know how to do it right. When you call you will simply be given the information you want quickly and in a friendly manner. I will never try to pressure you into a purchase. Many times I talk people out of one item and into another lower priced item because it will be better for them.

I am Golf Teaching Professional with the USGTF and a member of the PGA International.

Dave Phillips "owner"
Golden Eagle Golf Inc

Most of the public are unaware of such pricing policies. Here is a couple of great links if you would like to learn more.



In its simplest form, Minimum Advertised Pricing or MAP as it is more commonly referred too, is the lowest price a retailer can advertise the product for sale. For example, Bose has a MAP price of $999 on their speaker system. If you put it in an ad whether online or in the newspaper, you may not show a price for sale lower than $999. 

Now, before you ask, yes, this is perfectly legal under U.S. antitrust statutes. Since minimum advertised pricing only relates to “advertised” pricing and does not tell a retailer what they can sell it for in their store. So, essentially, you are limited to advertising MAP-protected products at a certain price, but you can sell these products at any price you choose.  Meaning that when the customer calls your store, you can sell them the Bose speaker system for less than $999 if you desire. 


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